• Annette Austin


Running through the fields

When I was young,

A heady smell of blossoms

I am almost overcome.

The sensual heat of summer

Hot sun burning under my soles,

Fear of failure

Is something I will not control.

Being held firmly

In your strong arms,

The strength of your kiss

Never lost its charm.

Come closer,

I still need you near,

Make me laugh again

Whisper in my ear.

All the while

I am safe between,

The cool breeze

And the heady scent of steam.

Those welcome days

They all seemed so long,

In my mind

Now that you have gone.

Days are so much longer

Nights are lengthier still,

I can still recall

Running up that hill.

Some nights

I still call your name,

You turn, I rush towards you

Catch me once again.

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