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Now, I will advise as to why novel writing is such a fulfilling career to have.

Master of Your Own Destiny

One of the best aspects about being a self-published novelist is this – you don’t have to answer to anyone. There is no overbearing boss, no manager nagging you about a task you haven’t performed correctly. As a self-published novelist, you control all the facets of your career. Within the world your characters inhabit, you are their ringleader. If they’ve served their purpose, you can give them a hasty departure or in extreme cases, kill them off. Your hero could have a darker side while your villain has a softer edge. You can create a turbulent love saga where

your characters have a love which may be forbidden or frowned upon. This is your domain – the characters dangle to whatever symphony you decide to play. What strings you decide to pull or cut is your decision alone.

Recurring Income

As with songwriters, writers have the benefit of a recurring income. Say, you decided after writing seven books that you want to become an architect instead. Provided you keep your books on the same author platform, you will continue receiving income from those books for the duration it is on the site. Be fully aware the upshot of making a vast income from the sales of one book is slight. A multitude of authors amassed their wealth by writing a series of books or by writing books consistently. The more novels you write on a consistent basis, the greater your income will be.

Enjoying Your Inspired Occupation

In this cherished lifetime, it is a rarity that people do what they relish as an occupation. Novel writing is a surreal way to get your creativity out. Most of us nowadays use writing in some form – whether it’s sending texts or messages on social media or writing emails at work.

The ability to write a self-published novel is a stupendous feeling. Always choose a category of writing you transcend in. Pick a genre, such as romance or thrillers, before you begin writing. Readers are exceptionally savvy - they will be able to tell whether your interest is genuine in the genre you are writing about or not.

Write More, Excel More

This affliction can happen to the strongest of people. Most writers suffer from it. Once you have published your first novel, you will suffer from this condition, too. The persistent longing to publish novel after novel, the waking up at night wanting the next novel to be better than the last one. The strive towards getting more five-star reviews so your ranking can go up on Amazon, which in turn, will make your book more readily available to future customers. The willingness to put your books in as many formats as possible before promoting it wherever you can. Once you have this condition, you are a fully formed writer, willing to try your best every day in this amazing career called novel writing.

Novel writing is hard work with zero guarantees there will be any huge financial reward at the end of it. Nonetheless, if your attitude is optimistic and you realise it may take a considerable length of time before your dream comes to fruition, the chances of you making a decent income from writing are significantly increased.

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