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Now, here is the second part of this blog post. For all the positives, there are always downsides. These are points to consider when deciding on whether doing the editing alone is the correct choice.


1. It’s Not Easy

Editing a novel of any length is not an easy task. Every word has to be read and usually, re-read. The novel which has been created will normally need to be read through at least three times, possibly more. Trying to find common mistakes such as missing full stops or commas are easy to find. Others, such as using the word enquire in a sentence when that sentence calls for inquiring can be tougher to spot. Unless your grammar and spelling are very good, it can be an arduous process.

2. Length of Time

The editing of a novel cannot be rushed. Depending on the length of the novel, the editing can take between 2-3 months. This means while the editing is going on, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to attend to other writing tasks. Editing a novel is time-consuming. It can take hours just to edit a couple of chapters. At times, it’s hard to keep reading a novel which has been read multiple times. The utmost perseverance and concentration are required.

3. All Down To One Person

If the editing is done by a professional editor and the results are a complete mess, there’s someone else to blame. However, if you decide to edit the book alone, there’s only one person responsible for the editing. Doing the editing for a novel is a huge responsibility. Some readers are not forgiving if a writer makes a complete porridge of the editing, delivering a book littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. It is unlikely they will buy a book again from a writer unable to edit their own novel properly.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to do-it yourself-editing. This really is up to the individual. Only you will know how good or not your spelling, grammar and proofreading skills are. A possible solution if you are on a tight budget is to try the do-it-yourself editing approach first and when your finances improve, hire a professional editor.

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