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  • Annette Austin


Breathing heavily, I come out the corner

Just as the bell sounds,

Because I’m the champion boxer

Who staggers through the rounds.

As a stiff jab sends me backwards

The crowd erupts and starts to roar,

I refuse to go down

Sweat drips from every pore.

The uppercut of life hits me

Gum shield out, I’m past my peak

Swaying one way, then another

I still stay on my feet.

When all I have is work,

Cuts and bruises don’t bother me now

Come on, take another shot

My soul, a battered mess anyhow.

As the fight ends, the stadium empties

No one is here to hold my hand,

Sitting on the stool, coughing up blood

Silence a sound which I understand.

So I fight against an opponent

That isn’t there, cannot be found,

Because I’m the champion boxer

Ready to fight without anyone around.

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