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Here is a little background to the heroine of The James Saga, Jasmine Thomas.


Jasmine Thomas was born on the Havers End plantation in 1836, the only daughter of Providence Thomas and Reginald Scott. As she has no birth certificate, Jasmine does not know her exact date of birth, but she was told by her mother the year of her birth was 1836.


Jasmine has very little details about her father, Reginald. Having been told by her mother he was sold before she was born, in reality, Reginald was a defiant slave who loved Providence. Unfortunately, he noticed the then chief overseer, Jake Hudson; take an unhealthy interest in Providence. When he witnesses Jake trying to kiss Providence, it is the last straw. Reginald attacked Jake, but was quickly seized by some of the guards. After this, he suffers a severe beating. Edward James decides to sell Reginald, rather than having him killed and Reginald is sold to a man who owned a plantation nearby. Reginald is tragically killed seven years later when he is shot trying to make an escape. Meanwhile, Jasmine has to suffer the devastating loss of her mother, Providence, when she is four years old. Luckily for her, she is raised by Yvonne Carter, who looks after Jasmine. However, her world is blown apart once more when Yvonne suddenly dies from a short illness. Jasmine is left all alone, with no one to look after her.


At a young age, she suffers a horrendous beating at the hands of the chief overseer, Jake Hudson, for having the temerity to talk back to him. He uses a plank of wood to beat Jasmine severely. It forms her hatred of chief overseers and of Jake in particular. This is exacerbated by the fact the beating leaves a permanent scar on the back of her neck. As she grows up, Jasmine teaches herself how to read and write in secret, as she is not allowed to go to school in Ark Angel. Her thirst for knowledge is accompanied by her yearning to be free. Despite her beauty, Jasmine doesn’t think she will ever fall in love, until she meets Lawrence James.

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