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  • Annette Austin


What does he smell like?

The man you hold so dear,

Did he touch and caress you?

Whenever you drew near.

Did he make you laugh?

Until you almost cried,

Or did he have hidden talents,

That he tried to hide.

The questions continue to tumble

Swirling around in my mind,

Answers still evade me

I try not to be unkind.

Now, you are back

Sincere apologies and promises abound,

About how things will be different

I listen to your sound.

Suspicions and derisions

Follow in equal step,

Friends cannot fully understand

So I tell them not to fret.

She says I’m the only man

The one she worships and adores,

The major problem is

I’ve heard this same song before.

This time, I’ve taken precautions

Checking the calls on her mobile phone,

Following her to the shops

Making sure she is alone.

I call her constantly

At least fifteen times a day,

Need reassurances, kind words

That she will always stay.

This strange dance continues

An ongoing battle inside my head,

Do I still have a relationship with her?

Or am I losing it instead?

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