Annette Austin is a self-published author of four novels, ‘The Fall of the House of James’, ‘Always A Slave’ ‘A Slave’s Vow’ and 'Betrayal of Love'. Before she embarked on a writing career, Annette predominantly had a career in finance.
Although she had some success in her career, it was always writing which she was most passionate about. After having a dream in December 2012, she started writing her first published novel, ‘The Fall of the House of James.’ Following a long personal struggle, the book was finally released in June 2018. Since then, she has published three more books in The James Saga. Annette is hoping to publish several more in the series.
She has begun working on her fifth novel, ‘Between Love and War' and hopes to publish this novel shortly.
Annette has always been fascinated by history including the more brutal and controversial aspects of it which people don’t like to talk about. This was one of the reasons why she set the novels during the time of slavery.  
Away from writing, Annette loves to exercise, especially yoga, sings loudly to 1980’s pop music and is a sports enthusiast.
All four books in The James Saga have garnered five-star reviews on Amazon.
Annette has recently released her fourth novel, ‘Betrayal of Love’, which is available on Amazon at a reduced price for a limited time period.

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